to finding creative ideas for your business and life.

These are the steps that helped me create my own business and guided thousands of other people in their creative process.


In business and in life, there are so many situations when we need to come up with the right idea. Whether you are looking for solutions of how to take your business to the next level or trying to create the best project and get promoted, this guide is for you. These steps have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by teaching you:


  • How to open the door to your creativity.
  • Ways to prepare your brain for the creative process.
  • Tactics to find creative ideas and implement them.

Creative Writing

Are you a blogger, a writer, or a content creator? Learn how to organize your thoughts and kick-start the creative process.

Starting Business

Dream of starting your own company? Need some innovative solutions? Adopt these proven steps and you’re halfway there.

Making Decisions

We all make decisions in our life. Sometimes, it’s a painful process that requires changes in our mentality. Learn how to do it.

Personal Growth

If we stop growing, we stop living. Develop your creativity skills, and it will uncover new possibilities in your business and life.

About the Author, Nataliya Bazilevych

Nataliya has been in the training business for more than 10 years helping people reach their goals. She is passionate about personal development and believes in each person’s unique talent and great potential. With that in mind, Nataliya came up with 7 simple, yet proven steps to help you unleash your creative genius. 

Outside of the education world, Nataliya is a big fan of downhill skiing, running marathons and traveling. 

“You ARE creative!

I strongly believe you are not using even half of the potential you possess. Unchain the creative genius in you and allow yourself to soar! It’s time to stop crawling and start flying! I know YOU CAN!”

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